In today’s turbulent markets, organizations are realizing that in order to be successful, they need to be flexible and adaptable – to have dynamic capabilities that will help them develop context appropriate emergent strategy – to become strategically agile.

Our consulting efforts are aimed at helping organizations build this strategic agility into their people, processes, technologies, and into their culture. Our approach to consulting draws on a paradigm-shifting framework, Vivékin Intelligences Framework™, for business strategy based on theories of human intelligence. The framework develops on a combination of theories from psychology, operations management, information systems and cultural anthropology. 

What we do

Strategy Consulting across Industries

  • We consult with clients that range from start-up companies to Fortune 100 firms and help them develop dynamic capabilities
  • We help diverse organizations (corporates, universities, NGOs etc.) across industries and countries widen scope, deepen engagement, and plan strategic growth
  • Our dashboard provides CXOs and Board of Directors an assessment of the company's strategic agility along five dimensions

Consulting Sessions for Capability Building

  • We design and conduct customized interventions for CXO and business head level executives

Start-ups / Venture Capitalists

  • Start-up strategy for new businesses
  • Investment advising services for venture capitalists

Plug & Play Services

  • Strategic Agility Assessment
  • Due Diligence for venture capitalists and start-ups
  • Market Readiness for new products or new ventures

Thought Leadership

  • Our senior executives deliver keynote addresses and plenary presentations about the necessity and transformative potential of the intelligences approach to strategy