About Us

The story of Vivékin is at its core a search for answers to two related questions: In turbulent environments and times, what capabilities do organizations need in order to survive and succeed? In operating conditions that are characterized by unpredictability, risk, and deep uncertainty—conditions in which short-term reactiveness dominates—how does strategy itself get transformed?
The idea that drives Vivékin goes back to 1997 when the e-commerce boom was rocking the world—a time when exciting new business models and paradigms were being constructed and challenged at the same time. As a young faculty member at Purdue University (having just graduated from Wharton), Prasad recognized that the key to strategic success was a firm’s ability to adapt. Following years of research at some of the world’s best business schools—Wharton, Purdue & University of Minnesota—he developed a unique framework which drew lessons from the epitome of adaptation—the human system—focusing particularly on the concept of intelligence.
Over the last ten years, the Vivékin team has refined the concept into the “Vivékin Intelligences Framework” to guide organizations into developing flexibilities along five different dimensions and in designing dynamic strategies that are appropriate to the organization's context. The methodologies we invoke are many—from evolutionary economics and ethnography, to psychology, operations management, and military science. This provides a holistic, culturally-sustained, and robust approach which enables our client organizations to develop the dynamic capabilities needed to sustain competitive advantage in the face of rapid change.