We strongly believe that an organization’s strategy is propagated through its culture.
A culture that reflects the vision of a company and resonates with its soul, a culture that fosters innovation and leadership, a culture in which the five intelligences get to flourish – that is the kind of culture that allows an organization to develop strategy dynamically and ensures resilience and sustained competitive advantage.

Vivékin’s services encompasses 2 aspects –

  • Consulting Services, which focuses on helping clients build strategic agility through consulting sessions and in-depth client engagements
  • Learning Services, which focuses on developing a culture of leadership and constant innovation within the organization


Whom we serve




1. Large Organizations:

We work with CXOs and senior executives to help determine their organization’s strategic agilities and match them with areas of market growth. Our methodology helps to facilitate and conduct conversations to develop a shared understanding of the demands and drivers of dynamic capabilities across the organization so that the company becomes an agile and resilient industry leader.


2. SMEs:

We consult with small/medium-sized companies to determine strategic direction and areas of growth – we help them understand the “soul of the company” through ethnographic methods. In these companies, we work with senior executives to help determine the 5-dimensional strategic agility profile of the company.

3. Startup / Product Launch / New Business:

We help startups assess their market-readiness both in terms of product launch criteria and in terms of understanding and preparing for the flexibilities the market may require. We also help to set in place methodologies to develop dynamic capabilities and strategic resilience in the organization.


4. Venture Capitalists and Early-Stage Investors:

A key factor of a startup’s success is its strategic agility. We help venture capitalists and other investors as part of the due-diligence process to determine the 5-dimensional strategic agility of start-ups seeking investment. Further, we work with incubators and venture capitalists to help the firms in which they have invested develop dynamic capabilities and strategic resilience.

5. Students/Individuals:

We provide an understanding of the individual’s personal adaptive capacity through our Leadership Intelligences™ profiling.