Sreedevi Mavila

A Chemical Engineer from BITS, Pilani, Sreedevi has always been drawn to the human aspects of an organization. Working in the Human Resources function, she gained considerable experience in team building and contributed significantly to organizational growth & resource augmentation. She always felt however, that in spite of the social thrust of HR, it was constantly perceived as a highly objective function; largely devoid of emotional connect with employees, resulting primarily due to the cold and economic approach to strategy within organizations.

The opportunity to be part of an organization that would change the way strategy was perceived in the workplace was what immediately excited her about working at Vivékin. First as a Strategist with Vivékin, where she was involved in a myriad of activities within the organization, and now as Associate Vice President, Sreedevi has been actively involved in the process of getting organizations to understand and engage in the human-centric way of thinking. 

Away from the workplace, Sreedevi is an avid baker & foodie and a self-confessed singer-dancer. An enthusiastic campaigner for green activities at home and at work, she feels that in today’s world it is equally important to take up social responsibility as both an individual and as a corporate citizen.