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What Matters Now: Leadership Intelligences

Seth Godin brought out a free e-book titled, What Matters Now (download it here). It’s a fascinating collection from many thought leaders. Each writer elaborates in one page on a theme s/he has chosen. It is a must read.I am sure that Seth–in his usual generous style–intended this book to be a thought-provoker. In that spirit, I asked myself–what do I think would particularly matter now? Not just in a corporate environment or an organizational setting, but more so, in our everyday lives. I read Seth’s book, and found that a particularly human quality-that quality which marks us as quintessentially human–was not on any page. This quality–the hallmark of us homo sapiens, the “thinking” race– which I think matters very much now is “Intelligence“.Intelligence, not as IQ, and not even as Emotional Intelligence. But intelligence as something that drives leadership–to be more precise intelligence, in its five-fold form, as the five leadership intelligences. Intelligence–or intelligences–however, does not figure as a topic in What Matters Now. In fact, it does not figure even as a word.My work with underprivileged schoolchildren in India, the partisan debate in the US over the important issue of health care, but most immediately, the gang-rape of a schoolgirl in California–in which dozens of witnesses looked on, or simply walked away without doing anything–and the speedy response of a passenger yesterday who thwarted a terrorist’s attempt to blow up a Delta Airlines flight, have all convinced me that intelligences–leadership intelligences–matter tremendously now.So, in the spirit of adding to the knowledge in the book, I made a page titled “Intelligences”. You can download it here and forward it to friends.I’d love to hear your comments and additions.