Monthly Archives: April 2012

Followers are leaders too!

We have all heard of people stating that they have to somehow create an impact in the society. Needless to say, there will be many futile attempts before something concrete emerges out. We know for sure that there will be hurdles/disappointments to face and when the candle of hope diminishes we have to cling to the last ray of light. Finally, one other person gets convinced about the idea and voila! the magic happens. After which, the entire scenario changes, there is new strength, new vigour, replenished hope and finally the idea starts propagating. Momentum is attained and there is a new beginning.


What is necessary to identify here is the trust the “first follower of the idea” attaches to the idea. Had (s)he not be convinced, there could not have been the start of a great movement. It is important to understand that the first follower or “second leader” is quintessential for the propagation of any movement.


Below is an interesting video where Derek Siver explains how “movements” are started.