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Trending Now: Emergent Leaders & Agility

A recent write-up in the Business Insider examines “why Google has stopped asking bizarre, crazy-hard interview questions”—a quick read through and it is evident why. Google has realized that in order to better understand how candidates perform in real life situations, and whether they are capable of being agile, they need to do away with brain-teasing questions and in their place ask more pertinent behavioral questions. Like Google, more and more companies today are realizing the need for agile, ‘emergent’ leaders.
Who is an ‘emergent’ leader? And what makes you one? Anyone who can quickly adapt themselves to adopt the appropriate strategy in a context-sensitive manner is an emergent leader. Clearly, the key capability here is agility. Agility, often confused with Adaptability (a slow evolutionary process that is often a one-way street), is the ability to change gears at a moment’s notice, and to be able to go back and forth between different options or modes of operation as the situation demands.


At Vivékin, we understand the need for agility in today’s business environment and have developed the VIF™ framework with the specific aim of assessing individuals in a multi-dimensional way. Individuals can assess themselves by taking our VIF-based test after which they will be provided with their Vivékin Agility Profile (VAP), a report on their agility across 5-dimensions.


To get your VAP, please visit our test-portal, To learn more about agility, and strategic agility, please go through our website.