35 Lakhs down the toilet. Literally.

I was appalled to read this news. The Planning Commission of India has spent Rs 35 lakh renovating two toilets at its headquarters Yojana Bhawan – Rs. 5 lakh to install a smart card controlled entry to the loo and Rs. 30 lakh on the renovation.

In a country where the definition of the poverty line in urban areas is Rs. 32 a day, could we not find a better use for this money?

One comment on “35 Lakhs down the toilet. Literally.

  1. HP chennai

    The people at Planning commission work under tremendous pressure. Imagine the responsibilty lying on their shoulders when an insipid government is at the helm. Under such pressure they can get life style diseases like Irritable Bowel Syndrome. So lessen the irritability factor they wanted to attend nature calls in the lap of luxury. Nothing wrong about it. On the flip-side if they actually feel guilty about spending 35 lakhs for a toilet, they would work harder to ensure that the 50% of India’s population that defecates in the open would not just have a functional toilet but a luxury rest room. So either ways it is beneficial for India.


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