Being Human

“Being human” – this is the almost constant backdrop of all the conversations that we have at Vivékin – and it is something that has become increasingly important for organizations today, especially at a time that social media marketing has gained huge popularity. Who – right from big giants to small start-ups – has not dived into the bandwagon of creating a company page in popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn?


However, mere presence on social media sites is not enough and companies should be utilizing their presence more meaningfully.Interacting with customers through these sites, promoting new products&services, communicating the company’s opinion on current issues, solving customers’ problems, answering their queries et al are few of the ways in which they can make their presence felt.  And we should always remember that all these interactions should have humanness at their core, lest the whole effort of being on social media looks superficial.


Take for example, the social media outreach of Home Depot. An offensive tweet was sent from their official twitter account but the Home Depot team was quick enough to act on it and did a PR clean-up. The steps taken by them were perfect, till they decided to tweet everyone personally with the same message.  Gini Dietrich, CEO of Arment Dietrich Inc., in her blog-post says, “Tweeting the same message to every, single person makes it look like a robot – rather than a human being – is in charge.” Yes, we all know that it would take quite some time to customize the message but such a gesture would have created a lasting impression on the customers. And who would not want to be in the good books of the customer?


Again, like we say at Vivékin, being human is no longer an option but a necessity!

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