ELITE: Leadership Intelligences Exercises

The Dreaded Stairs – Or is It?

Here is an interesting video that has been doing the rounds on the net for a while now. It shows how a group of engineers motivate people to take the stairs instead of the escalator.

Well, what do you think are the dominant intelligences/combination of intelligences that are in play here?

Putting on Vivekin’s lenses, I would say that the Inventive and the Operational are the key intelligences used in this project. And as it is done with the ‘greater good’ in mind (getting people to exercise by walking up the stairs), Ethical intelligence too. Your comments?

Enhance your Leadership Intelligences Through Exercise (ELITE): Communicative Intelligence Exercise 110901

Leadership intelligences are like muscles. The more you exercise them, the stronger they become.
Vivekin’s ELITE (Enhance your Leadership Intelligences Through Exercise) program provides exercises
drawn from daily life that are structured to help you develop each of the five leadership intelligences.

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The Exercise
This week’s exercise helps you work on your communicative leadership intelligence.
It involves reading a joke and then providing a response to the question that follows.

The Joke
Three men are on death row–an Italian, an American, and an Indian–and are to be executed on the same day. On the scheduled day, the prison warden comes to them and asks the Italian, “What would you like for your last meal?” The Italian says “Nothing better than a big bowl of spaghetti with meat balls rolling in rich marinara sauce!” And then turning to his friends he remarks in a sad voice, “Reminds me of my mother.” The dish is procured quickly, the Italian relishes it, and is executed. The warden then asks the American what he would like to eat. The American sighs and says, “Oh! I’d love to have a steak real rare, and a few slices of fresh risen bread.” It takes some time to cook this meal because they have to wait for the bread to rise. But after a few hours, the meal is brought to the American. He relishes it, and is executed. Now the warden turns to the Indian and says, “Brownie! What would you like to eat?” The Indian exclaims, “Oh! What would I give for a bowlful of fresh mangoes from the plains of south India!” The warden exclaims, “What? Mangoes! They’re out of season and will take at least a year to get here!” The Indian replies, “No problem! I’ll wait.”

As with most jokes, there are several versions of this joke. One version appears in
Thomas Cathcart and Daniel Klein’s, Heidegger and a Hippo Walk Through the Pearly Gates

The Task
You now have three minutes to respond to the following question:
If you were fourth in line to be executed, what would you request for your last meal?

Provide your response through the comments box below this post. Comments will be made public late in the evening on Tuesday.

The exercise will help enhance your communicative intelligence by doing three things.

  • It will exercise your capacity for wit
  • It will enhance your ability to understand the pattern of previous responses in the joke and
  • It will exercise your intelligence in building on that pattern to provide a better response